Stilios is a company for virtual classroom training & moderating

Stilios believes in the future. And that future is more and more focused on other ways of learning and working.

Virtual classroom training is one of the other ways.  And we are specialized in that. In particular everything that comes around setting up and executing a virtual classroom training. We work with the two most used tools: Adobe Connect and Webex. For advice of this you can come to Stilios. But also for deployment as virtual trainer and/or moderator. All as a package available to take care of you. This can be in any field and at any company or organization. If you are looking for a co-trainer, you are at the right place with us. Of course, if you do not have a virtual trainer yourself, Stilios is also there to bet on.

Also availability as an independent freelance trainer for classroom training is in the program of Stilios. Mainly technical (automotive) training, but also product introduction and system training. These courses can be both in company and remote locations.

“Discover, inspire and apply”


“After several years of classroom training, I know that learning can be more efficient in other ways. It is my goal to create this environment for people. And in such way that the learning effect is maximum and at the same time fun and interactive. In addition this contributes to a more durable society “.