How do you implement a virtual classroom training in your organization?To implement a virtual classroom you need some skills and knowledge. In the present time, developments and changes related to it are going pretty quickly. Your employees have to go along with these changes in parallel. And preferably as quickly as they can. The great thing is that the use of virtual classroom training can provide that need.


Remember that the use of a virtual classroom training gives you all kinds of benefits for your organization and for your employees. For example:                                       

  • Occupancy rate; no whole day out of work
  • Flexibility work/home, domestic and/or abroad boarders
  • Costs including less time, transport and car costs
  • Quickly respond to changes
Take away ignorance

First of all, we have to note that virtual classroom training is really different in both construction and execution than a classroom or E-learning training. See the earlier blog “Help! My virtual training doen’t come off the ground“. So you also need people who know about the hat and the rim. People who are trained in this field. Just as important is eliminating the unfamiliarity with virtual learning. This unfamiliarity still leads to a certain resistance to this kind of learning. But that can be solved easily: just show it! Take the participants in advance in a virtual classroom and show how things are going, what the possibilities are and make them enthusiastic. For after all: unknown makes unloved.


Secondly, it is important to respect the different roles and leave them to experts. Think of the designer, the performer and the supporter often called resp. designer, facilitator/presenter and moderator. Please take advise in this. What sometimes is underestimated is that each role is a link in the process of being able to implement virtual classroom. Do not do it yourself. Make sure that that expertise comes to you in the organization. Educate people within your organization or involve external certified experts. Certainly if an implementation is desired in the short term.

And there is more. More things to consider in order to enable a virtual classroom training in your organization.

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