It’s great, especially for the dynamics/vibrancy in your session, to have interactivity and engagement in your virtual classroom training. In fact, this has to be secured somewhere in your building. This is to allow the participants to be involved with you and the content of the training. Why now the focus on interactivity and associated engagement?


No physical contact!

Fortunately, because then you were really in a classroom training. At least, that is possible. In a virtual classroom training does not. You can apply video, use chat and give someone the ‘ microphone ‘ and use an interactivity moment every 4-5 minutes. This should, of course, serve the purpose of learning. But how do you see now if anyone is involved? This is not possible by seeing and observing participants in person. Last I got a question from a company:

“We would like to start with virtual classroom training, have created a set up but ask ourselves how we keep the attention of students”.

I have indicated that at the sight of a classroom training it is certainly a different experience if you are going to give a virtual classroom training. And that the forms of work must not be forgotten. But that you have a possibility to monitor whether participants are (yet) hooked up. At least, if you use the Adobe Connect tool.


 The pod ‘engagement’

If you are working with Adobe Connect, it has recently been possible to monitor engagement with the simpler variant of the meeting license. You can use this pod as a presenter/trainer or moderator to view the attention and interactivity of the participants. The pod ‘engagement’ measures several things to achieve a single outcome. As for example:

  • is the chat usedPod Engagement
  • are polls filled in
  • are questions asked
  • is worked with status/feedback
  • are notes filled in
  • are files downloaded
  • and even more…….

You can now intervene as a trainer or moderator immediately if you see that the involvement is decreasing. Knowledge of the tool is needed and you should be able to apply it too. You need someone; someone who has had a training for it. A virtual classroom moderator or producer. Or maybe you would like to follow a training course for example, virtual classroom trainer or virtual classroom moderator.

Do you want to set up and run a virtual classroom training, but don’t know how or where to start? Or are you struggling with the technique?  

Stilios helps and takes care of you! Please feel free to contact us. Call or mail if you want to know more or if you want to experience a one-on-one demo of a virtual classroom. Free of course!