Is a virtual training not a webinar?Of course, as profession idiots, we can easily answer the question “Is a virtual training not a webinar?”. Because it is certainly not! But shouldn ‘t we communicate that to the outside world much better? I think so. 

A quote/comment below from a company that was asked whether virtual learning fits in their program. Their answer to that question:

“There is currently already a “standard” video training for users. However, the demand for real physical training is becoming more common. Also for demonstrations at other offices. Unfortunately, during the webinars, no questions were asked so thats why we can show a standard video”.

And that answer triggered me! I really meant virtual classroom training anyway.  And yes, that was for me the trigger to briefly explain what virtual classroom training entails.



A virtual classroom training (VCT) is really interactive. You have live contact with your participants and special training tools are used. Even an image and sound can be deployed.  PC screens can be shared and attendees are taken directly into a live demonstration of a program, a website, or collaborating in an Excel file. In addition, participants can be divided into sub-groups and work together in another space where, for example, a whiteboard is ready to exchange ideas or discuss.



A vct is used as a training instrument, just as it does in a face to face classroom training.  But there is no physical contact and therefore interaction is also very important. That’s one of the reasons that there are specially trained people for vct; the virtual classroom trainer. Another discipline that comes in when organizing and executing a vct is the virtual classroom moderator. He/she gives advice on the vct, sets it up and keeps control of the technique around during a performance.

And no, a webinar (with mostly one-sided communication and still being able to call it passive) is absolutely no virtual classroom training. It is therefore good to take care when communicating about virtual learning, that you explicitly indicate whether this is meant to be a virtual classroom training or a webinar. Of course, both terms fall under the denominator of virtual learning.

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