What is a virtual classroom training worth to you?A virtual classroom training has probably a different worth for a lot of people. But that this is underestimated at this time seems to be true. Education and learning changes quite quickly and technology certainly contributes to this. Organizations increasingly see the benefits of online learning. At the same time you also see that this isn’t applied yet. Because of unfamiliarity with one or more facets of this form. And you can’t do this quickly, especially if you’re used to train in the traditional face to face classroom way. But there is help………



Often the inhibition does not include the trainer who speaks ‘live’ and talks about virtual classroom training. He/she is quickly convinced of the possibilities and benefits. It must be further embraced in the organization. So the manager and employees must be convinced. They also should be enthusiastic about the deployment, opportunities and benefits of virtual classroom training. Why is the involvement of the employees so important? Because they are committed to the objectives, vision and values of the company.  And they are also motivated to contribute to the success of your business. Read more in the blog “How do you measeure engagement in the virtual classroom”.



The virtual classroom trainer has all kinds of tools to make the training lively and active. And thus to keep participants engaged at the lesson. Remember that this requires training. You can’t just put a ‘classroom’ trainer in a virtual space and then say: ‘go ahead’. For example, a strong effort is made on:

  • Audiovisual: provides visual stimulation and contributes to better and longer memorization of information offered.
  • Interaction: real-time question and answer, discussions, games and role playing capabilities. Also the more introverted participant reveals a certain degree of anonymity more often with his/her ideas. And that can be quite positively surprising (for your organization…).

Besides the virtual classroom trainer, which you may already have in your organisation, a training must be built and implemented.  Therefore a virtual classroom moderator is needed. And that is a separate profession. I regularly notice that virtual classroom trainers are ready to get going virtually. But don’t go further because of the unfamiliarity with how to build such a virtual classroom in a didactically good way. And also not know how the technology is going to work around.  

If your organization wants to work professionally with live online learning an investment must be made. This can be in getting advice but also help from experts in the field such as moderators. In such a way that virtual classroom training gets off from the ground and contributes to the success of your organization. What is this worth to you?

Do you want to set up and run a virtual classroom training, but don’t know how or where to start? Or are you struggling with the technique? That ‘fear’ can Stilios take away for you. Stilios takes care of you! This can be in all kinds of fields, including for education. Call or mail if you want to know more or if you want to experience a one-on-one demo of a virtual classroom. Free of course!