Training = learning.Online training

What is the vision of Stilios on learning? Learning should be fun, interactive, at any time and place possible. In addition, and at the same time, it must contribute to the responsibility that we as people have on the future. At Stilios there are two pillars:

• Virtual Classroom Training

• Face to face classroom Training 

About 30% of the people who are in the traffic jam are on their way to a course or school. And traffic jams are increasing. Virtual classroom learning means:


• travel time/travel expenses

• location costs

• traffic jam


Moreover, virtual training contributes to sustainability, it is widely deployable and not bound to boundaries. For example, Harvard Business School already uses virtual classroom’ software to give lessons to a global audience.

Would you like to know more about virtual classroom learning and moderating, please call or email us!

Also for more info on employability as a freelance trainer.

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On Wednesday April 18th I have moderated a pan-European VCT in collaboration with KIA Motors Europe, TTA and Stilios. A nice quote from Mr. E. Tsochas; L&D Assistant Manager in KME: "All went fine, we had a great VCT setup including professional online support for the participants".

E. Tsochas - L&D Assistant Manager in Kia Motor Europe